Doctrine Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. - Jacketing Ball Valve with extended handle

Doctrine Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. - Jacketing Ball Valve with extended handle

The Jackets assure consistent valve Heating or Cooling of the process media to prevent crystallization or seizing of flow media. The Jacketed Ball Valve (Heating Jacket Ball Valve) with very well design to help the high temperature steam or oil flow over the valve ball & body parts to keep the media liquid.

Expansion of oil refinery plant (ISBL)

Expansion of Oil Refinery Plant (ISBL)

Project is for expansion of oil refinery plant (ISBL) which involves process lines such as air, steam, water and oil. Sizes : Ball Valves (DN15 ~ DN200), Bellow Sealed Globe Valves (DN15 ~ Dn200), Gate Valves (DN15 ~ DN100). Pressure : Ball Valves (PN16), Bellow Sealed Globe Valves (PN40), Gate Valves Forged SS & WCB (150) / Forged Steel (800)

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Sakti Suria (M) Sdn. Bhd had been involving actively in palm oil industry as a system provider of wastewater treatment, constructed more than 7 Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) polishing plants to treat and constantly achieving the discharged of POME effluent quality below 20 ppm BOD. We are also the exclusive representative of Energy Research & Development Institute of Chiang Mai University (ERDI-CMU), to procure the business of engineering, procurement and construction of sustainable CMU Biogas System to generate renewable energy for palm oil industries in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. To date, ERDI-CMU has more than 20 years of experience in developing sustainable biogas technologies with project setups in more than 1,000 livestock farms, slaughterhouses, industrial and agricultural factories across ASEAN Region.

Physical checking and testing of valve due to flood waters

Physical checking and testing of valve due to flood waters

For solenoid valve, disassembly and insertion of air to see if there are presence of water. Also to, test coil using voltmeter for current. For limit switch, disassembly to check for presence of water. For actuator, insert air to check stroke cycle.

Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve

Pneumatic Actuator Meca-Inox Ball Valve

For refinery plant and fractional plant.

Pneumatic DelVal B'fly Vlv Series 44 SS316

Pneumatic DelVal High Performance B'fly Vlv Series 44 SS316

Valves mounted with manual overrides, Intermeq Electro Pneumatic Positioner. A butterfly valve regulates flow by starting, slowing, or stopping media. The disk opens and closes with a low-torque rotation of 90 degrees and works for any compatible application.

Refrigeration Valve

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve

✔️Refrigeration Valve ✔️Sizes : 2"-10" ✔️Medium : HFO Refrigerant Gas ✔️Pressure : 16bar ✔️Advantages : 0 leakage Contact us 📞 +60380616868 🌐

Supplying Valves for turbine

Supplying Valves for turbine

How to install? Here's a short video on how we add on matching flange and also bolt & nuts.

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