Interflow Biogas System

We action as a developing professional engineering team to propose and consult the design planning, project execution and plant commissioning of wastewater treatment plant system in order to advance the client’s benefits in the view point of cost optimization strategies and system performance efficiency.

Our anaerobic digestion system: Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) and Modified Covered Lagoon are recognized as high potential wastewater treatment system as well as energy resource recovery mechanisms – biogas production. The performance efficiency of system is always advanced through the latest engineering perspectives to meet the national safety and environmental policy and standard.

With the collaboration of Energy Research & Development Institute – Chiang Mai University (ERDI-CMU), we intensively develop environment remediation system to be leading solution provider in corresponds to the increased enormous demand market from the wastewater and renewable energy field under the sustainable development goals by United Nations.


Design Treatment System

Continuous Stirred Reactor Tank (CSTR)

Modified Covered Lagoon

  1. High potential wastewater treatment system
    (Suitable for the high strength wastewater: palm oil mill effluent and others)


  2. Energy resource recovery mechanisms – biogas production
    (Methane production = 50 ~ 65%)


  3. Great removal achievement of organic contaminant
    (Removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) = 85% and above)


  4. The system performance is optimized in terms of footprint requirement, machinery operation expenditure, electrical energy consumption, and other perspectives.



The bio-scrubber is designed as a hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal mechanisms through the cultivation of microorganisms. As a result of the high H2S removal efficiency, the improved biogas quality can tolerate with a durable performance of mechanical devices.

NO Model Volume Flowrate (m3/ hr)
1 LB-50 50
2 LB-100 100
3 LB-150 150
4 LB-200 200
5 LB-300 300
6 LB-400 400
7 LB-500 500
8 LB-600 600
9 LB-700 700
10 LB-800 800
11 LB-900 900
12 LB-1000 1000
13 LB-1200 1200
14 LB-1800 1800
15 LB-2400 2400
16 LB-3000 3000

Biogas Flaring System

Flare system, an engineered mechanisms which is designed for the elimination of excess generated biogas via high combustion efficiency. Meanwhile, it minimizes the great potential greenhouse impact of methane component which occupies the majority of biogas composition. In compliance with the safety standard, the system has chemical resistance like anti-corrosion for the durability purpose.


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